Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2010 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
A Therapeutic Gift of Coffee

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

      I have no doubt that right around 100% of home roasters have given away freshly-roasted coffee. Whether it was as a gift, a thank-you present, or to grease the wheels, coffee can go a long way. I believe that everyone to whom I have ever given coffee has stated that it was the best, or at least tied with the best coffee they had ever tasted. Fresh really does count.

      I have given away coffee just to be able to allow folks to experience the difference that fresh coffee makes- spreading the gospel of the bean. if you will. There are so many people who just don't realize what coffee can be so it has never occurred to them that there is something better than what comes in the large, red cans. I was reminded that there can be so much more to coffee than just taste over this past weekend.

      Back in around 1978-79 I had my first paid teaching job. I taught math and became friendly with the science teacher. As time went along she and her husband and my wife and I would get together for dinner and a movie. We would pick up dinner for the four of us at "Follow Your Heart," stick the packages in the saddlebags of my BMW and we would take the scenic, mountain pass over to their home- fun ride, wonderful food, and great company. her husband is a CPA and so one year he volunteered to do our taxes, and has been doing them ever since.

      It has been over two decades since we lived so near to them. Back then we were around to see the first few years of their daughter's life, and now she is married! Time does, indeed, fly. But we are still in touch, and we still send our taxes to him. This year, as in so many years past, we packaged up the paperwork, but this year, along with the nightmare of paperwork that can be taxes, I included a parcel of about half a pound of freshly-roasted coffee.

      I waited a week and had no heard from them, so knowing that he works from home, I placed a call on Friday afternoon and left a message. I received his return call on Sunday morning. He let us know that the parcel arrived safely, and we got to talk for some time. Along with sharing how well their three children are doing he described has delight over receiving the coffee. I will quote him, my editing having removed the expletives, but he said, "It was the best tax package I have ever received!" He opened the package, and as you can imagine, the aroma filled the room.

      But this is about far more than just coffee. He apologized for not contacting us sooner as it had been a tough time. He informed us his mom had passed away earlier in the month, and while it had been expected, he was feeling it deeply. The coffee came at a perfect time as its arrival was the first time he had smiled in over two weeks. The coffee really lifted his spirits, and he thanked me over and over for that.

      Certainly the most meaningful parcel of coffee I had ever given to anyone.

Coffee Cup
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