Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2011 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
The Best Coffee Ever

Sunday, September 18, 2011

      How good can coffee get? As good as one cup of coffee tastes to any one person on any one day, at that moment. Food has tastes, and taste is subjective. If you need proof of that, next time your walk through the grocery store glance into the carts being pushed by other shoppers. Taste is subjective.
      On this day we got a phone call from a friend who just needed to get out of the house and wanted to drop by and visit the dog she gave us. That, in and of itself is another very long story, but we always welcome her company. We love her and we love our dog.. and our other dog, and our three cats. The fish ain't so bad either, but I digress. When she called she said she would love to visit her dog and would love a cup of coffee. That's all the motivation I need to turn the DD on!
      When she arrived she started talking to me about the Newco KP-1 brewer she use to use that quit on her. On trips to her place I kept telling her to let me work on it, or at least assess whether it was worth working on. Her description pointed towards a failed thermostat. Last time she tried to use it it blew steam all over from an overheat condition. This meeting was no different, I said, "Well, bring it over."
      She replied, "It's in the back of the truck." So it now sits on the workbench and I will tear into it tomorrow. Maybe another chapter in the works, but let's stay on course here.
      We played with the dogs outside a bit, and by the time we got ready to have coffee the DD was well heated up, having been on for nearly two hours. The cooling flush was not that much longer than I normally have to perform when it has been on for less than half that much time. Gotta' love dual boilers and PID controlled brew temperature. A great benefit is that there is no steam in the brew boiler so the degree of overheating that is typical in most heat-exchanger machines, particularly when they idle for that long, does not occur. I pulled three doubles into cappa cups, then was able to steam enough milk for all three in one go, starting with about 12 ounces of cold soymilk.
      As I have mentioned many times, I keep a demitasse spoon next to the machine so that I can sample the stream as it flows from the bottomless portafilter. This is a great method to get instant feedback as well as to be able to juxtapose the taste to the visual indicators (to what little extent that is possible or valuable). The citrus acidity from the pull I made our friend and my wife was quite nice. That was the last of that batch of home-roast so I kept the third pull for myself as it was from beans I had roasted earlier that morning. The flavor was good, but not good enough to serve to a guest when better was available.
      Her assessment of the beverage? She said something like, "That was really good. Actually, that was the best coffee I ever had." No more needs to be said.

Coffee Cup
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