Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2016 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup

2016 SCAA Exhibition
PART 2 - Eye Candy

Atlanta Georgia World Congress Center
April 15 through April 17

Friday, April 22, 2016

2016 - All rights reserved

The Espresso and Craft Beer area.
So very glad I did not discover this until I got home.

When it comes to eye candy, brass and copper make for a special union, and few do it as classically as Electra.
Joe Behm,, always one of my favorite show stops,
showing off his new connected Brazen Brewer.
Slayer anyone? Had two wonderful shots from these folks.
"Open lust mode"
Suddenly, yellow is one of my favorite colors.
Joper, two barrel sample roaster
The Aillio Bullet R1 coffee roaster.
Very imperssive in person.
Garanti table top electric roaster
Grinders, grinders, and more grinders.
"Speedster." Need I say more?
Digital telemetry abounds.
Speaking of digital, how about an automatic coffee sorter. This one can re-feed the beans repeatedly, each pass programmed to remove debris, defective beans, then by size and by color using photo sensors. Impressive!

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Coffee Cup
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