Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2020 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
Celebrating 20 years of Coffee Information
10/22/2000 – 10/22/2020

Thursday, April 16, 2020
all text and photos ©2020 - All rights reserved

   Time only seems to pass quickly when you examine it in retrospect. It is astounding that Espresso! My Espresso! has now been polluting the Internet with coffee-related information for twenty years. Two decades certainly has had me hip deep (and at times, deeper) in coffee and controversy, making friends and foes, and spreading truth and tales. I am proud to say that it has been nearly entirely the former of each of those pairs and very little of the later.

    The changes in technology in that time will always impress me. Twenty years ago we had a Motorola Bag Phone. Just a couple of days ago I was walking my dog down a very rural country road and with barely a thought I pulled out my iPhone and called my wife at work, then used it to take a photo of my dog. Even in that, it was an iPhone 6 which is too out-of-date to make use on the newest iOS, and yet is still more powerful than the first computer I bought. The same level of comparisons can be made with the technology in the coffee industry.

   When I began, the Silvia was the “go to” home espresso machine. Not long after I purchased my Silvia I joined the “PID craze.” Many of us added electronic programmable temperature control to our espresso machines which is now a technology put to use throughout the industry. We now have smart coffee makers controlled by wireless phone apps, and one espresso machine so advanced that it supplies computerized temperature and flow control which would have been no more than a dream, dare I say a fantasy, when this website first began.

   The only constant is change and I certainly have gone through a lot of that. We are in the middle of having a new home built, and things are progressing. The basic framing is nearly done and I hope we will have a house by the end of the year, but it will be close. But even the loss of my home in November of 2018 has been a factor in all this. After losing nearly all, numerous unsolicited offers came in to assist me in building a new coffee setup. A testament to what an amazing community we all enjoy in this world of coffee.

   I turned forty-nine on the day I opened this website, and today I turn sixty-nine (I will wait for you to stop singing before I blow out the candles). I am two decades older, five German Shepherds wiser (four being a memory now), living with an 18½ year old cat (nearly as old as this website), and sharing this journey with the same wife since 1971 ("Whose wife it is I'll never know!" [I still channel Graucho]). Living in an RV for nearly two years I can say that life brings its challenges. But as it has been said, if I wake up and don't find my name in the obituary column, I know it's going to be a good day.

   I have had little coffee news to share in the last two years and the infrequency of my additions to my website reflects that. I am hoping that the new year will bring more activity here. The plan is to have a coffee bar on the kitchen island in the home being built and as I type this I have a one-pound gas coffee roaster sitting in a crate outside the RV waiting to be set up. The 2017 SCA exhibition was likely my last. I have been deemed 'a hobbiest' by the SCA so no longer qualify for a press pass. They were good enough to tell me that I could pay for a ticket to cover the show. A non-profit (de facto 'no profit') website is not going to compensate for air travel and hotel room. The only unfortunate thing is that over the years I was able to help some small companies get started and a two to really grow; namely Espro and Hottop. I will not at all miss the endless joy which accompanies airline travel, but I will miss my only chance to cross paths with all the folks who have been part of my growth in the coffee world and talking to all those who have benefited from my website and my other online activities.

   The present is certainly different from the past. So what will the next two decades bring and how different will they be? More coffee? More roasting? More German Shepherds? More chapters? I might even set a record age for a male member of my family, so far as I know. Age affords certain opportunities, so if you think I was irascible and opinionated in the past, you now have something to look forward to as well.

Coffee Cup
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