Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2002 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
Measuring Espresso in a Cappa Cup
1/13/01 - I have lately been pulling directly into my cappa cups when making cappuccinos as it seems to achieve more crema. I use to just pull into the shot glasses as usual, but then I would have to pour the espresso into the cappa cups. This caused lots of probmes and extra work because:

- This meant pre-heating the cappa cups as well as the shots glasses.
- It increased the amount of clean up.

      This method also caused a loss of crema because:

- Some crema stuck to the sides of the shot glasses
-Some crema was lost mechanically due to the pouring from shot glass into cappa cup
-The loss of heat from the mechanics of the pour.

      The problem with pulling into the cappa cups directly was how can I tell when that magical two ounce point was reached? The cappa cups are just that- cups. They have no markings on them with which to gauge the quantity of espresso and I am not good enough to be able to just look at the espresso and know.

Pic of depth gauge in espresso cup      So, my solution is shown here. I took some medium gauge brass brazing rod and melted one end into a small ball. I then bent it to roughly match the contour of the inside of the cappa cups. Next, I measured out one ounce of water and poured it into the cup. I marked te level of water on the gauge using a small chisel. I then emptied the cup and measured and added a total of two ounces of water and marked that place in the same manner. The marks were enlarged with a small file so they could be easily seen and the finished gauge was cleaned up and polished a bit.

      Now, all I have to do is hang the gauge over the edge of the cup before I place it under the portafilter for the pull. I can now easily see exactly how much espresso is in the cup. A small amount of the gauge is exposed to the espresso, so heat loss is minimal.

Coffee Cup
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