Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2002 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
Too Much Vacuum Can Be A Bad Thing
1/16/01- Had a third pot of vac coffee from the Cory last night. Wifee decided that I should give the Cory rod a try. I had been using the Silex rod up to this point. The difference is that the Silex rod has a spring attached to the stem that is used the lock it into the upper bowl. The Cory rod is held in by gravity.

      I used a slightly coarser grind- setting the Rocky to 25 this time. The coffee began to brew as always, but after the coffee rose to the top only a portion of it was vacuumed into the bottom and the rest just sat in the top. I figured that the grounds had clogged the gap between the rod and the upper pot, so using a small plastic spoon with a long handle I stirred the grounds away from the rod. That didn't help. At this point I closely inspected the pot and saw that there was a trickle of coffee going down between the rod the tube. I began to suspect a gasket leak or failure of some sort that had allowed the vacuum to be relieved. I reached into the upper pot to manipulate the rod and discovered that it was locked in place by the vacuum of the lower chamber. It took a good amount of strength to get the rod to move at all. I spent some time manipulating the rod until enough of the vacuum could be relieved and to achieve that final "swooosh."

      It took about three or four extra minutes to get the rest of the brew into the lower chamber and relieve the vacuum. I figured that it was way over-brewed, and was about to throw it down the sink when Wifee said we should try it anyway.. Pretty brave for someone who is still acquiring a taste for coffee. It wasn't too bad. Not anywhere as good as that first pot, but quite drinkable. We each enjoyed a cup.

1/19/00 - I was done to the last few roasted beans in my jars so I went to work with the HWP once again. I tried a lighter roast with both the Monkey as well as the Donkey. It came out OK, but nothing to alert the media over. They were under-roasted for espresso and were lacking in the depth and richness that I like in espresso but it made for some decent cappas.

Coffee Cup
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