Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2002 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
Guests Again and Another Test

      As I have mentioned previously, I live in a rural community on ten acres, so it's not like being in the city, surrounded by neighbors. Folks just don't normally "drop by" up here. Because of that I don't have much of an opportunity to make coffee drinks for anyone other then my wife and myself. The problem with that is that one can easily fall into a rut, believing that the coffee you are making is good- you become accustomed to the best you can do. Others may not think it is all that great. It is because of that I look forward to making coffee for others to test my skills. I actually go a little overboard trying to elicit comments from folks because what they think is important to me.

      Late yesterday afternoon my wife had a couple of her friends over (fictitious names used here). Wifee has just gotten a part-time job with our local Fire Safe Council to lead a fire safety education program in the community. These ladies are part of that program and came over to congratulate her.

      I answered the phone. It was Darlene. She wanted to drop by to see Wifee. I asked her, "Do you drink coffee?


      "Well then, how about a cappuccino?"

      "That sounds great. I love cappuccino."

      "Well, we'll wait, then. Come on over."

      While we waited, Wifee went out and picked up a quart of 2% (as we normally don't keep milk in the house) and while she was gone I tempted myself with a double espresso. I normally don't drink it straight, but wanted to "test' my current batch of roasted beans. It was really delicious and I knew that these folks were in for a treat.

      Darlene showed up about an hour later and brought another friend of ours by. As soon as they showed up, I went to work over pre-heated Silvia (the espresso machine). I had already pre-heated four of my Tavolo glass cappa cups that I picked up just before they closed down shop over there (the ones with the stainless steel wire handles). I hadn't gotten to use them before.

      I pulled two doubles, each into one of the cappa cups, then steamed enough for two cappas at once, and served them to our guests. Cindy, the other guest, stated that she had never had a cappa before. How lucky for her, I thought, that her first cappa was not a nasty, bitter drink as can be so easily purchased at so many coffee shops.

      The milk I was using was a brand different from that I had gotten last month (see chapter 49). Although today's milk did stretch better than soymilk, it did not stretch anywhere near as good as that milk did.

      When our two guests began to enjoy their drinks I went back to make two more for Wifee and myself. After pulling my double espresso I went out with it in hand to show them what "real" espresso looks like. During the display the crema still held a third of the volume of the pull and was dark and rich. Few folks around here get to see an espresso before it is mixed in a drink, and especially not in a clear glass.

      By the time I finished making the third and forth cappas for me and Wifee, and I joined the group in the living room, Cindy had finished her cappa and was sitting behind an empty glass! Darlene was still savoring hers. When it was all over, the table had four empty cups on it, and as they were leaving, Darlene thanked me again for the coffee and said, "That was really good. What I liked about it most was that it didn't have any bitter taste in it at all."

      It just doesn't get any better than that!

Coffee Cup
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