Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2002 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
Let's Go Shopping
      Once again I will remind you that, at this point I have never seen a decent home espresso machine so my shopping experience followed a meandering course through many websites. I will also repeat that this is not meant as a shopping guide for you nor as a recommendation as to what machine you should buy. It is merely a recording of my trials and tribulations to express just how complicated this quest can become.

      It became clear as I started visiting the first espresso websites that this was going to a lot more complicated than the purchase of any other appliance I had ever bought. I found dozens and dozens of different espresso machines. I also found that if you want to get serious about your coffee then you will need to spend some serious amounts of cash- serious at least when compared to the Mr. Coffee or the Krups machines as seen in most department stores.

      For machines created for use in the home, a very basic sub-entry level, pump-driven espresso machine will cost around $100-150. A mid-range machine will run around $175-350, a serious machine will be around $400-800, and many of the greatest enthusiasts will spend much, much more. There are automatic machines that would cost about the same as a used car. These machines just need someone to fill them with water and fill the hopper with fresh beans. Hit a button and the machine grinds the beans, packs the filter handle, brews the espresso, and disposes of the grounds in an internal waste box. These can sell for thousands- yes, multiple thousands of dollars. There are also professional machines meant for use in the food service industry that sell for... well, just forget about these. If you could afford one of those you could be paying someone to read this for you.

      My search had started in earnest and the more I looked the more machines I found. The more information I found and learned the more I realized how little I knew about coffee. I was not overwhelmed- on the contrary. I was challenged. I am just anal enough to be able to enjoy the challenge of attempting to attain something that some experts have said is unattainable- the perfect cup of espresso.

Coffee Cup
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