Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2003 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
Everyone Has A First Time

      My loyal readers know that, although my wife enjoys her coffee, and probably knows far more than the average coffee drinker about rosting and brewing the wonderful bean, she has not participated in the process to any extent other than consumption and informing me when her beverage is less than perfect, as in, "This is a little bitter this morning." Lest you get the wrong idea, she is mostly appreciative of my coffee.

      A few days ago things were hectic here at home. I had to be down the hill with my new dog for our obedience class in less than an hour and our stash of beans was down to one more day after the morning cappas. Since I like to have my beans rested around 48 hours I wanted to roast this morning so that the coffee would be ready on Monday.

      "Honey? Can you get the Hottop out? I need to roast today and don't have much time."

      "Sure." And so she picked up the Hottop and brought it out to the deck where there is an available outlet.

      "Go ahead and plug it in and start it."


      Take the cord and put the plug on the end into the outlet."

      "Very funny. I meant how do I start it!"

      "Push 'Start.' Then push 'Level' until the '7' is lit up."


      "Now push start again." And the sound of the turning drum began. I had already weighed out my blend for this batch and so I told her, "When the beeping starts pour these beans into the roaster." She had seen me do it enough times that when the time came, she inserted the funnel and poured the beans in.... into the roaster, not into me for my wise-guy remarks. I gave her my digital watch with the countdown timer preset and running for seventeen minutes and we waited.

      When the watch signaled us that the time was up she asked, "Stop it now?"

      "No. Not yet."

      "How do I know when?"

      I explained that for this espresso blend we wait for the beginnings of second crack. We watched and listened and she spotted second right away. When the time came the button was pressed and the coffee filled the cooling tray.

      She didn't get very excited about it all, having seen it hundreds of times before. Her comment was, "It's no big deal- just push the button, push the button, and the machine does it all."

      When all was done, her final comment...? "I would have stopped it a little earlier."

      Everyone's a critic!

Coffee Cup
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