Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2006 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
The Highest Compliment

      It's been a slow year as far as personal, coffee-related information from me. Just more of the same as you have been reading I these pages for the last six years. A few of my readers have asked for more updates, and I would love to oblige (having no personal shortage of words or opinions as you well know), but all I have had to report is "great coffee, day in, and day out." I recently celebrated my sixth year not only with Rocky and Silvia, but for this little website as well!

      But as far as reaching a sort of plateau, you would expect that to be the case. After making something in the area of 5,000 double espressos and nearly the same number of milk-based drinks, you would expect a certain level of competency and consistency, an so it has become with me. I will note that the MLG Properties PID set up has been quite an excellent performer and has helped a bit, even showing a measurable performance increase over the previous PID installation. So, again, same old news, until this last few weeks.

      My previous house blend, although smooth and tasty, was certainly nothing spectacular at all- sort of like kissing your sister; sweet and nice, but nothing to brag to your friends about. And after using the same blend for a year or two, it would be reasonable for anyone to for a change, if for no other reason, to alleviate the boredom factor. So during my last local green bean shopping excursion I purchased a slightly different assortment of beans and changed the blend a little.

      The new blend, which I will not reveal (sorry!) has been very nice right from the beginning. Just as smooth as what I had been roasting previously, but a bit richer and deeper, revealing some underlying flavors that are a delight. Each morning, usually during the first pull, I use a demitasse to taste test the stream. It was so good that I offered the same to Val. She took a sample of the espresso from the cup using the same spoon, contemplated the taste for a few seconds and then licked the spoon clean with a twinkle in her eye! I just smiled.

      The next day I made our usual cappas from the end of the second Hottop-roasted batch of this same blend, and when we had finished Val asked, "Did you use the Silk chocolate soy milk?" She loves chocolate and really likes the Silk choco milk.

      I looked at her and said, "No. Why do you ask?"

      "You didn't? This tastes so chocolaty!"

      Yes, it was a good year for espresso, and the six years' investment in time is certainly paying off around here!

Coffee Cup
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