Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2006 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
Danger! Coffee Ahead!

      It's no secret that I enjoy visiting the local thrift stores. It seems that I am always able to find something. One offshoot of these bargain shops are the dollar stores, where "everything is one dollar." Sure, it makes it a lot easier for the help when they ring you up, and most of the stuff is off-brand merchandise ("Cousin Daryl's Laundry Detergent"), but it can be a place to find a bargain. I have found 8-packs of velcro cable wraps for a buck, handy for securing computer cables out of the way, and I even found a hands-free attachment and car charging adapter for my cell phone- the price? One dollar each.

      I always take a stroll down the aisle that has the coffee cups, just for fun. I am always on the lookout for traditional cappa cups, but I never find any, but this last visit I did find a bit of unintentional coffee humor that I just had to have. Here it is:

Yes, it is a "Moch" cup!

      Bad translations aside, it is interesting to note that it appears that there is room for the missing "a" at the end of the word, but the proofreader seems to have missed it. You will notice that the little "moch stamps" seem to parade downwards on the cup- that is not a result of the photography- they were actually printed at an angle! As I am not knowledgeable in all things coffee, I did do a search for "moch coffee" and "coffee moch" but all results seemed to be the product of mistypings. There were other members of this set of cup, including one with "espresso" emblazoned on it, spelled correctly.

      But it gets better. Not only does the cup supply a lesson in bad spelling, it also can cause health problems as well:

When it comes to moch... Just say NO!

      Bad spelling, poor graphic arts, and birth defects.

      "That's funny. David never asks for a second cup of moch at home..."


Coffee Cup
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