Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2007 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
When the Cat's Away

     My recent trip to the Long Beach SCAA exhibition left my wife home, alone. She was left to her or devise as far as coffee is concerned. I left her with basic instructions on how to use the Aeropress which she had seen me use before, and is such an easy-to-use device that one would have to work at it to get it wrong.

     As it turned out, the Aeropress was out in the motorhome, and first thing in the morning, before a cup of coffee, she lacked the motivation to go and retrieve it. But all is not lost! She found the Keurig adapter that allows one to use their own ground coffee and she took the initiative to put it to work. The Keurig itself is easy and she had some experience with that machine.

     One morning while speaking on the phone to her from Long beach i asked her what she was doing for coffee an she related the above description, but she said she had a problem. "How come the beans fall through Rocky into the grounds part when I put beans in the first time?"
     "When I poured the beans int the top of the grinder they fell right through into the lower part where the ground coffee comes out."
     "No it didn't."
     "Yes- I swear!"
     "Did you readjust the grind or touch the setting on the grinder when it was running?
     "No. I just poured the beans in. That's all I did."
     "It's impossible."
     "But it happened."
     "You poured them into the lower part and didn't realize it."
     "I am sure that I poured them into the top part! They went right through."
     "It is physically impossible. The burrs are just a few thousandths of an inch apart. A bean couldn't fit through. Between the burrs is the only path from the upper part into the lower part. Period."
     "I swear to G-- that they went through!"

     How long have you been married? It's 36 years next month (6/6/71 - 6/6/07) for me. As the anecdote goes:

     "For sale: One complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Nearly 100 volumes. Little used. I have no need for them. Just got married and wife knows everything."

     Not to worry- I just read the above to her and she was laughing....

     But she did say that once she got the beans to stay in the upper hopper and got them to grind, she just packed the filter device and she said that the coffee was really good using my home espresso blend.

Coffee Cup
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