"FRCN Espresso"
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

Espresso and Coffee Forums

NOTE: The following list of coffee forums is supplied here as a service to my readers. The value to you of each of these forums will vary depending on your level of knowledge and expertise. I suggest you look each of them over and decide which are of value to you. The links will open in a new browser window or tab.
    All forums I have used require a user registration of some sort. While these have always been free, it is important to read all the rules governing the use of each forum before signing up.

    If you know of a forum that you think should be included, please E-MAIL me the link.

  • HOME BARISTA - The Home Barista.com website is an excellent resource of information on coffee, and the Forums on this site are my favorite hangout. The moderators are very active here and the level of information is excellent. The layout and readability here are excellent!

  • COFFEEGEEK - Mark Prince has developed CoffeeGeek.com into one of the most-information-filled resources anywhere. Pages and pages of user reviews as well as the forums areas.

  • COFFEE SNOBS - The Australian coffee website, CoffeeSnobs.com forums are a lot of fun and offer a different point of view and attitude from teh Notrth-American forums most people seem to frequent. While the colors and layout here make it a bit more difficult to read, the information makes this site an excellent resource.

  • COFFEE FORUMS.COM - CoffeeForums.com is not as heavily frequented as the sites listed previously, and although the first thee are the sites I spend the most time on, but it is one of the sites I stop by to see what is going on.

  • HOMEROASTERS .ORG - From beans to homemade roasting appliances, if it has to do with roasting coffee at home you will find it here.

  • COFFEETIME DISCUSSION BOARD - A non-commercial United Kingdom discussion forum which is part of a green-coffee club (mombership to the club not required).