Coffee Cup
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Coffee Cup
Coffee Making Methods
- Introduction -

      Over the last couple of years I have been writing a coffee column on an occasional basis for my newspaper. The articles have had a wide-range of coffee-related topics which included roasting, blending, various methods of making coffee, some history, and more. They were originally intended for an audience who, for the most part, used store-bought coffee in a can. In this series of methods of preparation of coffee my hope was to expose the coffee novice to the various methods of making coffee and for these articles to act as a starting point for understanding these methods. I also hoped to teach them that making good coffee was not difficult nor any more labor intensive than the method they were currently using. If you have been making coffee using any of these methods for any length of time then you will probably not find anything in these chapters to enlighten or educate you. It was not my intention for these to be scientifically accurate, or within one degree of brewing temperature. It is a primer and no more than that. Still, please feel free to enjoy them and to E-mail me with anything that you think could be improved in these little articles.

      You may find some of these articles presented here in all their redundant splendor as some of the text could very well appear in chapters on this website as well as here. Even so, I thought it would be nice to have it all in one place.

      At the bottom of each page you will find the list of methods that will act as links to take you through the various articles. The coffee cup icons will, as always, take you back to the main "Espresso! My Espresso!" Home page.

Coffee Cup