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"Espresso! My Espresso!"
Tribute to Madeleine Page

Coffee Cup

      On December 15 a bright light by the name of Madeleine Page was taken from us. Her posts were always a delight, and each ended with her ever-so-recognizable and always changing signature line.

     If you would like to do something to honor Madeleine's memory, please go to THE HUNGER SITE and click on the "GIVE FREE FOOD" button there. In Madeleine's own words:
      "Do click on this link! It takes you to a page that will donate between one and four cups of rice each time you visit (you're limited to one visit per day). It's a clever idea: sponsors place ads on the page, and instead of the usual cash per click, they contribute to the UN's World Food Programme for each visitor.
     Since it was launched in June 1999, close to 56 million donations of food have been made via the Hunger Site. In March this year alone, nearly 1,300 metric tons of food were donated via this site."

      As a tribute to Madeleine's centered, balanced, and delightful posts on, I have perused the archives and present here a selection, at random, of those delightful "internym's" she always included in her signatures.

      Good bye, Madeleine,
            -Randy "I will miss you, Madeleine" G.

Madeleine Page 1945 - 2003

Madeleine "I like flogging as much as the next woman, but things are getting out of hand on this damn thread" Page [referring to the Malabar Gold Thread]

Madeleine "this is my version of a gentle warning" Page

Madeleine "but my dentist is *delighted* that I've started reading ac" Page

Madeleine "phat" Page

Madeleine "bearturd coffee is a truly grizzly thought" Page

Madeleine "too old to remember the puka shell craze" Page

Madeleine "at least I came across one great line that may some day become my .sig" Page

Madeleine "the essential social skill is, as always, remembering where the f&*#! you are" Page

Madeleine "now for an inexpensive but reliable entry level burr grinder that doesn't cost more than my espresso machine" Page

Madeleine "I can see me being up all night, having brewed seven expressos before bedtime" Page

Madeleine "what he said" Page

Madeleine "sorry about that" Page

Madeleine "in case no one had noticed, I'm sort of enjoying myself on this coffee journey" Page

Madeleine "I'm saving for a neon sign that reads "M's Cappuccino Crapshoot"" Page

Madeleine "I want to make Smithfarms Kona in a Cona -- waaaaaah" Page

Madeleine "don't you have to unscrew tiny little screws and everything to remove the screen?" Page

Madeleine "she also washes the kitten and intervenes when he and Gus get into a spat" Page

Madeleine "gotta go, it's time to retrieve the Sulawesi from its perch on the porch where it's cooling" Page

Madeleine "owowow" Page

Madeleine "who's the other psychologist, then?" Page

Madeleine "had a hunch she was right" Page

Madeleine "except for the bit that goes 'Why the f&%#*!! don'tI drink tea instead?'" Page

Madeleine "time for supper, trala!" Page

Madeleine "but I'll go glare at them some, see if that helps" Page

Madeleine "I [heart] my GSD, Emily the Quadruped" Page

Madeleine "just as long as it doesn't coincide with the Catskills house party being organized by a friend from, um, Chicago" Page

Madeleine "OK, back to work [soigh]" Page

Madeleine "three words for you, Sasha: neener, neener, neener" Page

Madeleine "and thanks, Ken, for a good idea" Page

Madeleine "so maybe switching Silvia off when you're not using her would be a good idea" Page

Madeleine "though since Randy says they were OK people when he met them at SCAA at least one of those alties may relent" Page

Madeleine "could always use it as an anti-slip mat" Page

Madeleine "I'll be the one slinking around looking faintly guilty for hanging out with the Real Coffee Fanatics" Page

Madeleine "fixing you with a beady little eye" Page

Madeleine "not sure why "skill" is in derision-quotes in Louise's post, either" Page

Madeleine "when these things arrive with an .exe file attached, I'm gladder than ever that I'ma Mac person" Page

Madeleine "that was *fun*" Page

Madeleine "haven't had good fried bread in an age, either" Page

Madeleine "and all three cats will happily snack on my houseplants, unless I ... should more properly be called HumanNo, given its horrid stench" Page

Madeleine "ever helpful" Page

Madeleine "waving, not drowning" Page

Madeleine "drink cappas exclusively, so I know from steam" Page

Madeleine "call me Doc" Page

Madeleine "aka, which always greets me with "Hello Ancient Crone!"" Page

Madeleine ""hmpph" indeed" Page

Madeleine "in short, their service is so stellar I'd happily overlook "it's" for "its" in a note from Baratza, and I'ma bear for wrong apostrophes" Page

Madeleine "and good luck with getting your sense of smell back real soon" Page

Madeleine "moving, job-hunting, falling downstairs -- three good reasons for not reading ac for a while" Page

Madeleine "there's a real difference between being pointlessly penny-pinching and involuntarily impecunious" Page

Madeleine "I'm in the pits and Chumleigh's in the basement" Page

Madeleine "I could be wrong -- it's happened once or twice before" Page

Madeleine "why don't you tackle the Irish troubles next?" Page

Madeleine "in short, YMMV" Page

Madeleine "very satisfied Panix customer, no financial interest in the company" Page

Madeleine "I really do love this group" Page

Madeleine "I use a chopstick" Page

Madeleine "assuming that would have garnered more than an adenoidal "Oh?"" Page

Madeleine "seven years later, and I still miss him" Page

Madeleine "thanks, folks" Page

Madeleine "I think I'm fuzzily positing a connection between these facts, but we're getting awfully close to politics here" Page

Madeleine "so far, my latte art consists of a cabbage, a cloud and a straigh line: pictures at 11" Page

Madeleine "the best of it was that my mother was almost as good a cook as most of those we met in France" Page

Madeleine "on a diet that doesn't allow much milk, so off cappas for a while [waaah]" Page

Madeleine "bad dreams tonight" Page

Madeleine "the disadvantage of the perspex keyboard that comes with the gloriously silent Cube is that every shred of dust is visible" Page

Madeleine "got my lovely Santos for $125 there" Page

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Madeleine "and that was the better of the two cappuccinos I had that afternoon" Page

Madeleine "this really is a special group [snif]" Page -- Visit my home page!

Madeleine "I'll just sit in the corner here and play my nice six-string catarrh" Page

Madeleine "when I'm not using Pine, I'm using the euphonious Eudora" Page

Madeleine "was at my first ever bluegrass concert a week ago: hadn't seen such a substantial group of only-white-folks since I moved to Philly" Page

Madeleine "a coffee NMR?" Page

Madeleine "Ayer on aG String" Page

Madeleine "slight, ladylike growling is in progress" Page

Madeleine "and how about we let the political stuff drop?" Page

Madeleine "namely, a dead parrot" Page

Madeleine "'spammage is damage' is my motto" Page

Madeleine "they're supposed to help me rebuild the poor disintegrated Chumleigh" Page

Madeleine "saving up for a social security blanket myself" Page

Madeleine "or so I am told" Page

Madeleine "seems to have a curious relationship with Yahoo, however, in that you always ... Yahoo to report spam to them, unlike all other sites" Page

Madeleine "low Flashpoint" Page

Madeleine "see" Page

Madeleine "please note the advanced technical nature of the language used in this post" Page

Madeleine "[tragic sob]" Page

Madeleine "originally developed as a form of nerd-baiting" Page

Madeleine "along with Vitamin E and anti-inflammatories" Page

Madeleine "their straight Costa Rican is nothing to sneeze at either" Page

Madeleine "anyone got any old lace I can use as a cover for the lid?" Pag

Madeleine "have a good holiday" Page

Madeleine "let's resist the urge to "improve" this group" Page

Madeleine "sounds like a worthy successor to the Late Lamented HWG" Page

Madeleine "the pursuit of perfection can lead to no coffee at all" Page

Madeleine "but I [heart] that Pavoni" Page

Madeleine "YMMV" Page

Madeleine "not Prussian, but certainly Blue" Page

Madeleine "hmmmm.... coffee... Tuscany & Umbria.... free place to stay... heheh" Page

Madeleine "I am so *not* a sweet, apple-cheeked silver-haired granny that some of you whippersnappers imagined" Page

Madeleine "in short, there's nor real evidence that ad wizards actually *do* crap like that" Page

Coffee Cup
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