How a Silvia Works
All wiring
On, heating up
On, at temp
Brewing espresso
Steam, heating up
Steam, at temp
Pumping hot water
Modification for PID
Dual Setpoint PID
Advanced Dual Setpoint PID

Coffee Cup
Overheated- Safety Thermostat Tripped

For some reason, Silvia has overheated. The third thermostat which has as its only purpose to protect the machine from overheating has been triggered and is now open ("off"). Even though the panel lamp will be illuminated, electricity cannot flow to the heating element. This is usually caused by a low water level in the boiler- possibly from a leak that allows water to escape the boiler when the steam switch is on or by leaving the machine in the steam setting and using lots of steam without refilling the boiler. It can also be caused by a steam thermostat that fails in the closed position. To reset the machine, wait for it to cool off, then unplug the machine from power, remove the top, and press the little red button on the thermostat on the front face of the boiler.