How a Silvia Works
All wiring
On, heating up
On, at temp
Brewing espresso
Steam, heating up
Steam, at temp
Pumping hot water
Modification for PID
Dual Setpoint PID
Advanced Dual Setpoint PID

Coffee Cup
Complete Wiring Schematic

Here is the entire wiring diagram of the Rancilio Silvia. Every wire and component is shown here. The only exception are the illumination bulbs in the switches are not shown in these diagrams as they are not user accessible, nor do they affect the function of the machine other than illuminating switches that are turned on.

In each of the remaining drawings I have only shown those wires which are "active" for that particular function to help you understand how the machine works. In each drawing, when a thermostat or switch is open or closed for that function, they are shown in that position in the drawing. Switching back and forth between pages can show the operation more clearly. For example, alternately select between "Steam, heating Up" and "Steam, at temp" to see how the machine switches the heating element on and off when steaming.

All information presented on these pages linked to the left is presented for entertainment purposes only. This information and the accompanying diagrams are not intended to give you an education on electricity nor on how to make safe modifications to any espresso machine.