"Espresso! My Espresso!"
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2003 - All rights reserved

Silvia Pour
a video of a double pull on a SIlvia
      On the third anniversary of my ownership of Rocky and Silvia I thought I would update this page, so here is a new pull. This video was created using 92 separate GIF digital photographs, put together as a GIF animation. I do not have the capability to create actual videos, so these images are from my Sony D770 digital camera. Depending on the speed of your system timing for the correct length of pull in seconds may not be accurate (it was approximately 27 seconds from "switch on" until "switch off" for two ounces). This is a crop of the full frame, lightened a bit (the crema at the end was actually a bit darker), and the images re-sized and compressed for smaller file size. It will replay indefinitely.

      As you can see here, the crema that can be produced by a Silvia with a little knowledge and lots of practice is amazing. This pull used my home roast and personal blend.