Espresso! My Espresso!
"Star of Espresso"

A Visual Representation of Espresso Variables
April 22, 2011
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2011 - All rights reserved

      So many times I have mentioned or referred to the numerous variables that make up a cup of espresso. There are so many and they are so interrelated that it sometimes can be a wonder that we ever hit a really great shot. And when we do we drive ourselves crazy trying to duplicate it. Being a visual learner, I started thinking about a way to show some of the major factors, so I put together the "Espresso Star."

      If you imagine each of those strips having the ability to slide back and forth, and you having the choice of where to place them before beginning the extraction. Slide temperature up a little, slide the dose down, slide the grind a bit towards coarse, and hit that button to brew! If only it were that easy. And even with all the choices shown there there are more, such as coffee blend, distribution and altitude just to name a few!
      The goal, as with all such things, is to control as many of the factors to as great of an extent as is possible.
      So next time you become a star by serving someone an exceptional espresso, you can be humble, or you can show them the Espresso Star to prove just how good you really are!