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Faema E-61
50th Anniversary 1961-2011
Commemorative Poster

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Two Sizes: 18" x 24"   &   24" x 36"

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  In the early 60's an historical change was coming in the world of espresso machines. Faema was creating the first pump powered machine and to go with it, Carlo Ernesto Valente was creating a brew group to go with it. In 1961 Valente filed the United States patent for what we call the E-61 group (a copy of the original patent can be downloaded HERE.). The E-61 group incorporated an infusion chamber which was an attempt to replicate the gentle early infusion which was part a function of the lever-operated machines which were in wide commercial use at that time. It was also a "saturated" group, filled with hot water from the boiler to keep the group closer to brewing temperature for more consistent results.
  Today, in 2011, fifty years later, the E-61 group is the single, most-widely used group design in the industry, and why not? It is simple, easy to service, and most importantly, it works! And it doesn't hurt that its gleaming chrome and undulating surfaces are beautiful to behold. While there have been some design changes, the internal workings and function of today's E-61 are virtually identical to the original design.

  Celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the E-61 with this beautiful illustration. Taken from Ernesto Valente's original patent filing, it has been recreated on archival art paper, printed with archival-quality ink. Using the original cut-away drawing from the patent as a guide, the entire group has been recreated line-by-line, and colored to create a beautiful rendition of Ernesto Valente's invention. The original, hand-written numerals and other text has been preserved, and behind the group is a photograph of a modern E-61 group. The reference numbers on the print are referred to in th patent filing, so the print is educational as well as great way to learn a bit more about Ernesto Valente's invention and its function.

  Even though a computer monitor does not bring out the best in this image, the sample seen here of just the area of the exhaust valve will give you some idea as to the time and effort that went into creating this art poster. Depending on the size and resolution of your monitor this sample may display larger than the actual print size.

  Here is a photograph of a proof I had done. When framed and hung, the smaller print can become a focal point of your espresso bar or office, while the larger poster, at two feet by three feet, would look great on the wall of a coffee shop, or a bigger office or serious home coffee bar!

  Available in two sizes- in my Zazzle Store: 18 x 24" and 24 x 36." These prints will be mailed directly to you. Zazzle accepts various payment methods including PayPal. Worried you won't like the print? Their policy states, "If you don't love it we'll take it back. We strive to exceed your expectations with every product you receive. All products are made with the best materials using our special digital printing... and most are produced within 24 hours. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return any unused products for a replacement or refund within 30 days of receipt."

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